Bandwidth- The important web Hosting factor

When you search for a any web hosting plan or package, You check for the bandwidth offered under that plan. So before choosing a any web hosting plan you must know “what is bandwidth?” and “How bandwidth affects to website performance?

Bandwidth is the ‘pipe’ that connects your website to the internet. It is a measure of the amount of data or  information on your website that can be accessed within a given time period by traffic on your website. For example, if your webpage is 500 kilobytes in size, then every time someone access this page, 500kb data travels down the ‘pipe’ and transfer that web page information between your site, user and internet. How fast this data is transferred depends on how many people are accessing that page at the same time?

Larger files, such as audio and video, consume more bandwidth. In case if you have a lot of large files in your website and anyone  lot of people access for your website then it makes your website much slower to load in visitor’s browser or visitors may get error message “timed out” instead of your effective webpage.

So if you are expecting large number of traffic and your website is having large amount of data, it is worth talking to your web hosting provider for a better web hosting plan with enough amount of bandwidth. otherwise it may irritate your customers or you may lose your customers, ultimately business goes down.

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Dedicated Hosting Vs VPS Hosting : Which is the right option for you?

There are basically two web hosting options: Dedicated and VPS that are offered by web hosting providers to the clients or organizations, need more control and power over their server and  if you are running a huge website with the use of images, videos, audios etc. that makes it heavy then to host that type of websites you need a server of high configurations in terms of hardware and server should connected to an advanced internet connection permanently that keeps your website data secure and perform well while surfed by number of  users at a time.

You can also make a location wise selection for web hosting solutions in according to your targeted traffic like dedicated server India, vps hosting India, dedicated server USA, vps Hosting USA etc.

VPS (Virtual private Server):

In VPS (Virtual private Server) Hosting, hosting provider creates multiple VPS on a physical server that means one physical server is partitioned between many VPS and one partition access is provide to a client as a virtual server. VPS features stands between shared and dedicated server. It has limited resources but costs less when compared to dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server:

It is a physical server that is entirely dedicated to one client only and not shared by anyone else. It is highly recommended  as it gives user full control over server and also provide hardware, software customization facility. It is best known for getting higher performance, control, security etc. in dedicated server hosting .

Which one is the Right option?

Unlike VPS, dedicated server provides you more control, more resources, higher performance, security but considered as an expensive option.

Dedicated hosting gives you full access of control panel so that you can customize software, hardware in according to your website requirement. On the other hand, VPS provide root access to user to customize software side only.

In dedicated hosting, you need to pay for all the resources whether you use them fully or not.

In nutshell, To host a website with huge traffic and large number of data to store then vps hosting is recommended as a cheap web hosting solution. Dedicated hosting is an expensive option recommended for big companies and institutional websites with enormous traffic.

If you are still confused about choosing between them you can ask to any web hosting company in India, USA etc for best plans and services.