Bandwidth- The important web Hosting factor

When you search for a any web hosting plan or package, You check for the bandwidth offered under that plan. So before choosing a any web hosting plan you must know “what is bandwidth?” and “How bandwidth affects to website performance?

Bandwidth is the ‘pipe’ that connects your website to the internet. It is a measure of the amount of data or  information on your website that can be accessed within a given time period by traffic on your website. For example, if your webpage is 500 kilobytes in size, then every time someone access this page, 500kb data travels down the ‘pipe’ and transfer that web page information between your site, user and internet. How fast this data is transferred depends on how many people are accessing that page at the same time?

Larger files, such as audio and video, consume more bandwidth. In case if you have a lot of large files in your website and anyone  lot of people access for your website then it makes your website much slower to load in visitor’s browser or visitors may get error message “timed out” instead of your effective webpage.

So if you are expecting large number of traffic and your website is having large amount of data, it is worth talking to your web hosting provider for a better web hosting plan with enough amount of bandwidth. otherwise it may irritate your customers or you may lose your customers, ultimately business goes down.

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Know what to expect from web hosting support

When you search for a suitable web host, you see few things that may trap you or attract you about any web host. So before sign up with any web hosting company you should know about hosting support provided.

Your web host will offer support in some manner. Some hosts offer phone support or an online chat option, whereas others might only offer support through an e-mail or ticket system. Either way, there are limits to what your host can do for you.

your hosts responsibility is to provide you with a computer connected to the Internet to host your website on.

Web Hosting Support - HostRightNow

Generally, the hosting support desk will work with you to ascertain whether the problem is with your site or the hosting plan. If it turns out to be your site that is causing the problem, most hosts will tell you to find someone to help you fix it, or they may offer help to fix it for an extra charge.

It would be unreasonable to assume that your host would be an expert in whatever language or script your site is hosted with and would have staff available to fix every problem you come across with the site you are creating.

Make sure that you identify in advance other ways to troubleshoot problems that arise with your site for those situations where your host cannot help. Knowing where to turn in an emergency can be a great comfort in itself.

There are lots of web hosting companies that are providing true and real 24/7 customer and tech support.

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Ways to Discover a Good Web Hosting Company

Are you searching for a best web hosting company for your website or web application? When you check out in the market there are lots of web hosting companies that are doing their best in search for customers. There are lots of hosting providers offering poor services for their customers. before you sign up with a web host or find it bad, read this post about “How to identify the best one out of many bad ones?”

There are some points that you should take into account like offered hosting features, price, uptime and support, about a web host.

Offered Features:

Lots of features like web space, amount of bandwidth, email accounts, dedicated IP’s and more are offered under any web hosting plan by a web hosting company. Web space is the space on a server that is required to store your website data. Most of the web hosting companies try to attract customers just by offering unlimited disk space but reality is that their server have limited capacity and more disk space need more money to spend on server.

Some of the companies also say for unlimited bandwidth, check for their terms and conditions “are they really offering unlimited bandwidth or just making customers fool?”


Price of web hosting depends on the web hosting service you want shared, VPS or dedicated servers?. Do not go with the companies that are committing for best hosting plan in cheap prices. You may feel problems with cheap hosting providers in  future.


Most of the companies stat for 100% uptime and this is not possible in reality. A good hosting company always offer 99%-99.9% server uptime.

Technical and Customer Support Services:

A good web hosting company offer their support services 24/7. And you can check their support services by giving a call or be online on live chat or email.

These are some points that can help you in some way to reach out to a good web hosting company or to discover a web hosting company that can satisfy your web hosting demands.

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Aware with web hosting facts and don’t get fooled

Many times I have across with same question “Mine web host is ridiculous and I lost business”.   It’s really scary thing as you have your organization and reputation in market, but your business goes down due to your web host. You will see your users started to quit from end of website and you don’t have sufficient business. So, its time to think about role of web hosting companies and their responsibilities.  You need such a web host that offers you optimistic services and web hosting plans.

Whenever you need web hosting services, first think which type of web hosting you need. If you have small website, then you should go for shard hosting. In case of huge business website or organization you must go via VPS hosting India and dedicated servers.  You must aware with requirement of web hosting for your business website, so that you can go for exact solution and queries.

Once you decided about web hosting type, you can search trust able web hosting company that offers you affordable plans, higher uptime, non-complex network and hosting guidance. You can see reviews of web hosting company in India that present value and shadow of web hosting company. All these points you should consider before selecting any web hosting company. If you don’t get satisfied with all these queries you can fix meeting with technical staff of web hosting companies where you will get whole information about their latest plans, packages, web hosting offers and members plan. HostRightNow offers you best plans according to your need so just checkout and always shake your hand with reliable web host.

Top most reason to consider always quality web hosting in India

Everyone wants to get success in their business and it becomes mandatory to have quality web hosting service. You can assure about real time visitors engagement if you have best hosting support. It may cause trouble for your potential customers if you are engaging with cheap web hosting company. You can go via affordable web hosting plans, but never compromise with worse or cheap web host. Just think how your customer believe you if you are not able to explore your services. All these problems can be removed if you trust on best web hosting company that offers you higher up time and best web hosting plans.

Quality web hosting or best web hosting company always comprises their hosting policy that is open for customers. If you browse their website you will get broad idea about company’s web hosting plans, different web hosting packages and promotional coupons categorized niche. You should never rely on such a web host that offers you incomplete or unprofessional information. If you are fed up with your web host company and looking for right web host, then stop to HostRightNow that is leading web hosting company of India where you can get solutions for affordable web hosting, Reliable dedicated servers, VPS hosting and domain registration providers.

Why you should stop at for affordable web hosting India

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Virtual private server (VPS) Hosting and Benefits of it

Virtual private server (VPS) is basically an isolated virtual machine which is sold as a service by an Internet hosting service provider. VPS Hosting is an optimal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers.  You can customize VPS plans completely to match your specific hosting needs and upgrade anytime as your site grows.

The VPS is often chosen by small businesses that needs a customized web site and more control on their server but cannot afford a dedicated server. One more useful aspect of VPS technology is the ability of a single subscriber to maintain multiple virtual servers. For example a Web site holder might use one server for the production-level and the other as a “dummy site” that can be used for testing planned updates, modifications or new programs. Further there is always expectation for a significant increase in traffic over the next few months.

The VPS hosting model implies that all essential server resources are allocated between users individually and never get shared.

Few advantages of VPS are:
1) Absolute Isolation: Your package and its applications remain uninfluenced irrespective of what another users does on the server.
2) Root Access: This also allows you to install many application of your choice depending on its compatibility.
3) Guaranteed Resources: The CPU, RAM, HDD and bandwidth that have being allocated to your package will always be available for your applications; irrespective of any situation.
4) Flexibility: You can configure almost anything you wish on the server as you own the same.

Most of the web hosting companies also provide some free Services with their VPS Hosting plans like:
1) Free Server Security Audit Report
2) Free Network intrusion protection
3) Free McAfee Virus Scan
4) Free Server and service monitoring
5) Free global access monitoring

They are the perfect hosting platform for a wide range of websites and web projects – from start-ups and small online business enterprise to large corporate properties.

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