Bandwidth- The important web Hosting factor

When you search for a any web hosting plan or package, You check for the bandwidth offered under that plan. So before choosing a any web hosting plan you must know “what is bandwidth?” and “How bandwidth affects to website performance?

Bandwidth is the ‘pipe’ that connects your website to the internet. It is a measure of the amount of data or  information on your website that can be accessed within a given time period by traffic on your website. For example, if your webpage is 500 kilobytes in size, then every time someone access this page, 500kb data travels down the ‘pipe’ and transfer that web page information between your site, user and internet. How fast this data is transferred depends on how many people are accessing that page at the same time?

Larger files, such as audio and video, consume more bandwidth. In case if you have a lot of large files in your website and anyone  lot of people access for your website then it makes your website much slower to load in visitor’s browser or visitors may get error message “timed out” instead of your effective webpage.

So if you are expecting large number of traffic and your website is having large amount of data, it is worth talking to your web hosting provider for a better web hosting plan with enough amount of bandwidth. otherwise it may irritate your customers or you may lose your customers, ultimately business goes down.

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Know what to expect from web hosting support

When you search for a suitable web host, you see few things that may trap you or attract you about any web host. So before sign up with any web hosting company you should know about hosting support provided.

Your web host will offer support in some manner. Some hosts offer phone support or an online chat option, whereas others might only offer support through an e-mail or ticket system. Either way, there are limits to what your host can do for you.

your hosts responsibility is to provide you with a computer connected to the Internet to host your website on.

Web Hosting Support - HostRightNow

Generally, the hosting support desk will work with you to ascertain whether the problem is with your site or the hosting plan. If it turns out to be your site that is causing the problem, most hosts will tell you to find someone to help you fix it, or they may offer help to fix it for an extra charge.

It would be unreasonable to assume that your host would be an expert in whatever language or script your site is hosted with and would have staff available to fix every problem you come across with the site you are creating.

Make sure that you identify in advance other ways to troubleshoot problems that arise with your site for those situations where your host cannot help. Knowing where to turn in an emergency can be a great comfort in itself.

There are lots of web hosting companies that are providing true and real 24/7 customer and tech support.

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Web Hosting Company In India – How to find best one?

Are you confusing about choosing a web hosting company in India? You should be, as it has become so difficult to choose an appropriate web host for your business out of numerous companies that are offering almost same services and packages. Web hosting plays a very important role for your website as it present your business online for everyone to visit, establish you as a brand, provide higher security of your data, keep data records, offer high bandwidth so users can reach into your website easily. With all these features your web host is responsible for higher uptime, data security, reliability, scalability and many other key features. So you should be wise enough while choosing a web host.


If you don’t have any reference of a web hosting, then internet  can help where you can search for “web hosting company in India”. It will present you a list of web hosting services provider you can go through one by one and can filter out some best that offers web hosting packages in according to your website requirement and your budget. Further evaluation can be done by reading online reviews given by the clients of any particular web host. Apart from it, you should also check for the offered privacy policies, money refund or back policies, availability of customer and technical support services.

Once all these factors are considered, you can finally reach out to a web hosting Company in India, provide best and affordable web hosting services with the guarantee of higher uptime, higher security  24/7 support services. A best web host always listen to your problems, response you within given time, provide you enough knowledge of your concerned web hosting package, design new packages time to time in according to their clients requirement, release offers and discount and believes in customer satisfaction.

Web Hosting Company : Tips for choosing a right one?

In among loads of hosting companies, making a decision of choosing one best is very difficult as all the companies offer almost same web hosting packages and promises to have 99.9% up time, unlimited resources , experienced and knowledgeable technical support and affordable plans, there has to be some way to get out of this confusion.

Here are some points or guide that can help you to make a right decision about choosing a web host and web hosting package best suits to your needs.

  • Website Requirements: While looking for  a web host, you should make sure about your website requirements like bandwidth, Disk space, dedicated IP’s, server platform etc. All these web hosting features are decided after analyzing website size and number of visitors. If you have a heavy website with enormous amount of traffic then you need to host your website on a high configured server connected to a fast internet connection that keeps higher performance of that website.

After checking out all website requirements, search for a web hosting company as per your business locations like website hosting India, USA etc.


  • Cost: Now your next concern is cost. Select for a hosting provider that is not over costly as well as cheapest. Some well companies ask for higher cost due to their establishment as a brand and some provide very cheap packages but doesn’t pass quality. So you need to be sensible enough in choosing a web host when it comes to price.


  • Customer and Technical Support: This is the major point that is considered. Ask these questions while searching -How is web host deal with their customers? How responsive is your web host? Is your web host resolving your issues within the said time? Are they have enough communication channels to listen problems of their customers like live chat, email, phone, knowledge base etc.


  • Customers Reviews: When you check for online client reviews about any web host , you can ensure about security and reliability of that web host.


These are the major points that can help you to choose for a better web host company that best suits your website requirements and budget. You can also make a location wise selection for a web hosting option as shared hosting, vps hosting India and dedicated servers India and other countries.

Define Web Hosting Services?

It is a type of internet hosting service that is hired from web hosting service providers or web hosting company , allow any user or organization to run their website online so that it can be accessible from anywhere in the world. Web host provide web space on a server hosted by them to their client in according to their website requirement.

There are many types of hosting, Now which hosting type is best for your website that is decided after checking out the website size, traffic, files etc. After analyzing website , web hosting requirements are decide like bandwidth, web space, server platform , hard disk etc.

Here are some of website hosting option that can help you to choose best match for your website requirement:

1. Shared Hosting: In this hosting, one server is shared by multiple users or website. This is most affordable web hosting option for any individual.

2. Dedicated Server Hosting: In this type of hosting, one server is only dedicated to one client and you have full control over it, you are free to customize server configurations like software, hardware etc. As server is high configured and fully dedicated to individual one, it is costlier then other hosting options mainly used by companies with heavy websites.

3. VPS Hosting: This hosting mainly stands between shared and dedicated server hosting, In this a dedicated server is being shared by multiple users, and server space is divided between clients and that allocated space is only used by that particular client but server resources are shared by every user. Client is also given some of control over server to customize.

These are some main hosting options that are provided by web hosting providers. Apart from that more hosting types are there, named in according to configurations , design etc.

If you are still confused about which type of hosting you should go then you can consult it to any web hosting provider , they can suggest you better.