Affordable VPS Hosting in India – Advantages and Disadvantages

Affordable VPS Hosting in India – Advantages and Disadvantages.

Virtual private servers (VPS) are servers that have been split into virtual partitions, where your website will reside. In this article you will discover what the advantages and disadvantages of virtual private servers.

Segregation – Your website will sit on its very own partition, allowing your virtual server to run its own full-fledged operating system that can be independently rebooted.

Performance – Sites hosted in VPS servers have separate IP address, CPU resources, memory space, hard disk space and they are totally independent.

Control – Virtual private servers give you all the control that dedicated servers offer. In other words, you will likely have root access and the ability to use scripts that may not be allowed in the shared hosting environment.

Scalability – When your business grows, so do your demands for resources. And with VPS servers, you get the instant scalability that your business needs when you need it, such as memory or hard disk space with minimal disruption to your website.

Price – VPS hosting means that you get more without you having to pay more. Specifically, you can get the control and scalability that dedicated servers offer, however, at a price tag that looks more like that of shared hosting.
Customization  – Many VPS plans can be customized to meet your exact needs. In other words, you can get just the right amount of features that you desire, without having all the bloated features that you do not require.

Shared server – Like shared hosting, you also share your server with a number of other websites, however, the number of websites that you share your server with is far less than shared hosting. And because you share your server with other sites, you can still be affected by their bad behavior, such as spamming and black hat activities, which can lead to your server getting blacklisted and to the disruption of your business.

Limited resources – Although you do get more resources than shared hosting…you will never get the full features and benefits that dedicated hosting provides.

Must have technical skill  – Although your hosting provider will maintain the hardware, you may need a dedicated system administrator to manage the server and ensure that is is functioning consistently and efficiently.

In short, VPS hosting provides the best of both worlds, a happy medium between dedicated and shared hosting. If you still are not convinced that VPS hosting is right for you, then contact your hosting provider to review your requirements.

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VPS Server India : Best Combination of Price And Flexibility

For any business it is must to have a website as almost all the businesses are do their deals through web with their own online websites. All the information regarding their website about services, products etc is shared on web servers through web hosting services that they have taken from web hosts.

Web Hosting plays a very important role, as website performance is all depend on the server on which it is hosted. Any problem in your servers may stop your clients to visit your website. As the demand and competition grows, many web hosting companies has come up in the market with many types of web hosting services such as shared, dedicated, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) etc.

In present days, VPS Hosting India has gained wide popularity and widely used by small or medium sized business owners. It has become most preferable option in hosting services due to a number of advantages associated with it.


As compare to other web hosting types, VPS hosting India is considered as cheaper option. VPS is a virtual private server that work as your own private server with more technical control and complete freedom of software customization.VPS servers India also provide great security of server as it is kept protected by passwords that are only known to servers administrators.

Apart from that, You can personalize your system without interrupting other users on the same servers. hence, VPS  Hosting includes all the facilities that a customer look for its website hosting. VPS hosting India can be the best combination of price And flexibility.

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A Introduction on VPS Hosting Services in India

Are you looking for VPS Hosting service in India? Before going with any web hosting service provider it is important to know about vps hosting and features associated with it so that you can be wise in selecting web hosting company as well as plans provided by them. Below  video can best explain you about “what is vps hosting?” or “why it is beneficial for your business” or about VPS hosting service provider in India.

It is very much needed to have some idea about services that you are going to hire. After getting on VPS introduction , you must looking for a web hosting company in India or anywhere else (as per your business location) which can offer you affordable, reliable or high performance server.

it becomes very difficult to select one web hosting company out of many that can fulfill all your web hosting requirements and offer best VPS server. Hosting plays a very important role in growth of your business. Your website data security, response time , speed etc. all depends on your VPS Hosting Services India.

We at hostrightnow offering variety of affordable and managed web server hosting services in India such as shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting etc. with 24/7 customer support and higher uptime server.

You can coordinate to our sales team via chat, phone or email if you have any doubts or queries regarding web hosting services for your website or application.

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VPS hosting In India : Affordable and Best Web Hosting Solution

India is counted in one of the leading developed countries and providing services to almost all parts of the world. When you start a business then In order to make it  popular you wish to have a website and to make any website online you need a server from a web hosting provider to host your website. There are basically following web hosting options are provided by web hosting companies : Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Deciding for one web hosting option is all depend on the size of website and estimated traffic on that website. VPS Hosting India is highly recommended, considered very much affordable and powerful web hosting solution provided by website hosting india.


VPS Hosting features stands between shared and dedicated server hosting. It is mostly recommended by both small and medium sized business, looking for their own secured and private server to control on what’s happening on their server.

VPS hosting and Its features:

VPS (Virtual private Server) is a kind of internet hosting where one physical server is divided into several partitions and one partition is offered as  a vps account to the client. You are assigned specific vps features limited bandwidth, web space, email accounts etc. that all are expandable in future as needs grows. You can run your own operating system and can install any desired software and run applications supported by OS. This will not affect other virtual servers on the same machine. The most advantage of vps server is that it has much lower price than dedicated server.

VPS Hosting India is the best solution for the website owners who want control over their server, high performance and higher security but can’t spend much amount unlike dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Vs VPS Hosting : Which is the right option for you?

There are basically two web hosting options: Dedicated and VPS that are offered by web hosting providers to the clients or organizations, need more control and power over their server and  if you are running a huge website with the use of images, videos, audios etc. that makes it heavy then to host that type of websites you need a server of high configurations in terms of hardware and server should connected to an advanced internet connection permanently that keeps your website data secure and perform well while surfed by number of  users at a time.

You can also make a location wise selection for web hosting solutions in according to your targeted traffic like dedicated server India, vps hosting India, dedicated server USA, vps Hosting USA etc.

VPS (Virtual private Server):

In VPS (Virtual private Server) Hosting, hosting provider creates multiple VPS on a physical server that means one physical server is partitioned between many VPS and one partition access is provide to a client as a virtual server. VPS features stands between shared and dedicated server. It has limited resources but costs less when compared to dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server:

It is a physical server that is entirely dedicated to one client only and not shared by anyone else. It is highly recommended  as it gives user full control over server and also provide hardware, software customization facility. It is best known for getting higher performance, control, security etc. in dedicated server hosting .

Which one is the Right option?

Unlike VPS, dedicated server provides you more control, more resources, higher performance, security but considered as an expensive option.

Dedicated hosting gives you full access of control panel so that you can customize software, hardware in according to your website requirement. On the other hand, VPS provide root access to user to customize software side only.

In dedicated hosting, you need to pay for all the resources whether you use them fully or not.

In nutshell, To host a website with huge traffic and large number of data to store then vps hosting is recommended as a cheap web hosting solution. Dedicated hosting is an expensive option recommended for big companies and institutional websites with enormous traffic.

If you are still confused about choosing between them you can ask to any web hosting company in India, USA etc for best plans and services.