Tips to choose a Good Domain Name

When you start any online business, first thought comes in your mind is to pick a domain name. Domain Name is ultimately an organization name so you have to be bit wise in selecting it. You need to ensure that you select a name that is according to your business services or products, as well as easy to find and advertise. Follow below given tips that may help you to find best name for your business website.

  • Easy to Spell or Type: Be sure that you pick a name that is easy to spell or type. You should avoid using complicated and shortcut words so that people can find you on web easily.
  • Make it Short and Simple: A short domain name is always easy to remember than long one. but it should be meaningful.
  • Include a keyword: Keyword is something that best represent about your website “what exactly your website do?”. It is good for search engines and users to find your website if you use keyword in domain. It helps in ranking your website if any user searches for the keyword related to your website services.
  • Target Your location: If your business is limited to specific area, you should include area name in domain that will make easy for local user to find your website.
  • Appropriate Domain Name: Go for .com domain extension as it is most preferred choice for any individual. You should avoid using .net, .org, .info etc. Most people have a habit to type .com. You may also select country domain extension such as .in,, .ca etc.
  • Avoid use of Numbers or Hyphens: It is not worthwhile to use dash, numbers or separators in domain name. sometimes use of these separators or numbers may mislead your visitors to some other website.

Domain name Registration

So these are the tips that you should keep in mind before choosing a domain name. Once you register a domain name from a domain name registration provider, you invest money in that so if it is not appropriate then your paid money will be waste.

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