Shared Web Hosting India : An Affordable Web Hosting Option

Shared web hosting is when you share your server with as many as a thousand other websites. Shared hosting is suitable for personal sites, small businesses, and even medium sized businesses if their hosting needs fit within the parameters of a small business. In this article you will discover the advantages and disadvantages that shared hosting has to offer.



  • Shared hosting is the most cost effective option when compared to all other hosting plans that are available, making it the most popular choice. Shared hosting is cheaper because you share your server with many other websites and thus you also share the cost.
  • Your shared hosting server is fully managed by your hosting provider, meaning that you do not have to have any technical skill because the hosting company handles everything for you.
  • Your shared hosting account comes with a user friendly control panel, allowing you to easily manage your website.
  • As with other hosting options, you get your choice of a operating system, such as Linux and Windows. The choice of a operating system, however, should be based on the language that your website is written or will be written in. For example, Linux hosting should be used if you are currently or plan to utilize PHP, Perl, Python, or CGI scripting. Conversely, if you use or are going to use ASP or ASP.NET, then Windows hosting is the way to go.


  • With shared hosting you can be affected by the bad behavior of other websites. In other words, when a website on your server gets flagged for spamming and black hat activities and gets blacklisted, so do you.
  • With shared hosting you are not guaranteed resources because they are on a first come first serve basis. This means that if websites on your server experience huge spikes in traffic, they will hog all of the resources and leave your website without the resources that you need.
  • Shared hosting offers no control, meaning that you will not be able to install modules and programs on your server you need in order to run your own website and scripts.

In summary, shared hosting is a very popular and cost effective solution for small to medium sized websites. However, there are many disadvantages to shared hosting that should be considered before signing up. is offering world’s best Linux/Windows shared hosting India in very affordable prices with latest supporting script PHP 5x and many more features.