Virtual private server (VPS) Hosting and Benefits of it

Virtual private server (VPS) is basically an isolated virtual machine which is sold as a service by an Internet hosting service provider. VPS Hosting is an optimal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers.  You can customize VPS plans completely to match your specific hosting needs and upgrade anytime as your site grows.

The VPS is often chosen by small businesses that needs a customized web site and more control on their server but cannot afford a dedicated server. One more useful aspect of VPS technology is the ability of a single subscriber to maintain multiple virtual servers. For example a Web site holder might use one server for the production-level and the other as a “dummy site” that can be used for testing planned updates, modifications or new programs. Further there is always expectation for a significant increase in traffic over the next few months.

The VPS hosting model implies that all essential server resources are allocated between users individually and never get shared.

Few advantages of VPS are:
1) Absolute Isolation: Your package and its applications remain uninfluenced irrespective of what another users does on the server.
2) Root Access: This also allows you to install many application of your choice depending on its compatibility.
3) Guaranteed Resources: The CPU, RAM, HDD and bandwidth that have being allocated to your package will always be available for your applications; irrespective of any situation.
4) Flexibility: You can configure almost anything you wish on the server as you own the same.

Most of the web hosting companies also provide some free Services with their VPS Hosting plans like:
1) Free Server Security Audit Report
2) Free Network intrusion protection
3) Free McAfee Virus Scan
4) Free Server and service monitoring
5) Free global access monitoring

They are the perfect hosting platform for a wide range of websites and web projects – from start-ups and small online business enterprise to large corporate properties.

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How to setup hosting for the domain in Plesk control Panel?

First of all, you need to add customer by following below mentioned steps:

1. Log in into reseller control panel using provided URL and its credentials.

2. Click on Customer Tab.

3. Click on Add New Customer.

4. Fill the Required Details(Contact information, Access to Panel, Subscription).

5. Contact information-:  Fill the all necessary detail in contact information section(contact  name, E-mail address ).

6. Access to Panel-: Fill the Credentials that the customer will use to access their Control Panel (User name, Password).

Now after adding the customer, next step is to create a subscription for a particular domain, here are the following steps:

1. Subscription-:  If you want to create subscription while you are creating a customer then select the checkbox create subscription for the customer.

2. Fill the domain  name for which you are creating subscription.

3. Type the credential (username, password) to access or manage files and folder of your website (i.e. create your FTP Account  to access website content).

4. Select the service plan (resources assigned) which you want to assign for the domain.

5. Select add-on plans if you wish to add any.

6. Select the check box of this option (Proceed to customizing the subscription parameters after it is created. Note that this will make the subscription locked for synchronizing).

7. Click on OK.

These are the steps that can help you to set up hosting for a particular domain in plesk control panel. Still are you confused then you may contact our support staff at that have large team of professional and skilled technicians.

How can you choose a suitable web hosting company in India?

Today, Every Business uses a websites to make it popular on world wide web or internet as 90% population of the world spend their most of the time on internet to get connected to each other, to share text, images, videos and anything they would like to. So internet has become a best place to advertise any business.

How to search a for a best web hosting company in India?

After the designing and developing a website the most important point is to choose for a web hosting company that is reliable enough and can offer you a web hosting package in according to your business requirement. if you have your business located in India then you would need a server from a Indian web hosting company. In this concern search engines can help you where you can search for web hosting companies. If you just taking initiative for your website then there is no need to worry about a web host. Just select for a reputable or established web host while checking its online client reviews. But be sure that that web host offers you hosting plan in according to your business requirements of web space for your web pages storage or bandwidth to shift your web pages to your visitors.

Once you are satisfied with their offered web hosting features or about reliability, tech support, customer support of that host, you may chance to them once. is a leading Indian web hosting company that deals in web hosting services such as dedicated servers, VPS Hosting and many more with the guarantee of higher uptime and 24/7 customer services availability.

Web Hosting Company In India – How to find best one?

Are you confusing about choosing a web hosting company in India? You should be, as it has become so difficult to choose an appropriate web host for your business out of numerous companies that are offering almost same services and packages. Web hosting plays a very important role for your website as it present your business online for everyone to visit, establish you as a brand, provide higher security of your data, keep data records, offer high bandwidth so users can reach into your website easily. With all these features your web host is responsible for higher uptime, data security, reliability, scalability and many other key features. So you should be wise enough while choosing a web host.


If you don’t have any reference of a web hosting, then internet  can help where you can search for “web hosting company in India”. It will present you a list of web hosting services provider you can go through one by one and can filter out some best that offers web hosting packages in according to your website requirement and your budget. Further evaluation can be done by reading online reviews given by the clients of any particular web host. Apart from it, you should also check for the offered privacy policies, money refund or back policies, availability of customer and technical support services.

Once all these factors are considered, you can finally reach out to a web hosting Company in India, provide best and affordable web hosting services with the guarantee of higher uptime, higher security  24/7 support services. A best web host always listen to your problems, response you within given time, provide you enough knowledge of your concerned web hosting package, design new packages time to time in according to their clients requirement, release offers and discount and believes in customer satisfaction.