Define Web Hosting Services?

It is a type of internet hosting service that is hired from web hosting service providers or web hosting company , allow any user or organization to run their website online so that it can be accessible from anywhere in the world. Web host provide web space on a server hosted by them to their client in according to their website requirement.

There are many types of hosting, Now which hosting type is best for your website that is decided after checking out the website size, traffic, files etc. After analyzing website , web hosting requirements are decide like bandwidth, web space, server platform , hard disk etc.

Here are some of website hosting option that can help you to choose best match for your website requirement:

1. Shared Hosting: In this hosting, one server is shared by multiple users or website. This is most affordable web hosting option for any individual.

2. Dedicated Server Hosting: In this type of hosting, one server is only dedicated to one client and you have full control over it, you are free to customize server configurations like software, hardware etc. As server is high configured and fully dedicated to individual one, it is costlier then other hosting options mainly used by companies with heavy websites.

3. VPS Hosting: This hosting mainly stands between shared and dedicated server hosting, In this a dedicated server is being shared by multiple users, and server space is divided between clients and that allocated space is only used by that particular client but server resources are shared by every user. Client is also given some of control over server to customize.

These are some main hosting options that are provided by web hosting providers. Apart from that more hosting types are there, named in according to configurations , design etc.

If you are still confused about which type of hosting you should go then you can consult it to any web hosting provider , they can suggest you better.


Dedicated Server Hosting – Top reasons behind its popularity

Dedicated server hosting is a type of internet hosting in which an entire server is  leased by one client only that is not shared to anyone else, provided by direct web hosting providers or reseller hosting companies.

Dedicated server is beneficial for your business whether it is in India or Somewhere else. You can also choose such a Web Hosting company that offers Dedicated Server in USA,  India or more. It will be great to manage your users as well as all promotional business events on your website if you select your server in according to your business location.


This type of servers are mainly hired by big gaming companies, film companies, banks, financial institutions or organizations who have large and sensitive data base for storage purpose. As server needs to store large amount of data, it is highly configured that makes it costly.

If cost is not your concern then there are number of reasons which enforce you to prefer dedicated server hosting option. First and main advantage, you have full control over machine and free to customize server configuration (Hardware and Software) , applications as per your website requirements and functionality.  Second, As sever is solely dedicated to you, it results in higher response time or uptime for your website. Apart from this it is highly beneficial for you  as no one is going to share bandwidth or other resources of your server that may cause downtime and may create any other form of nuisance. Third, it offers you high security of your data as there is no fear of malware, viruses, hacking and DOS attack from other websites on the server.

Most of the Web hosting company in india provide managed dedicated server on demand and take care of everything like server maintenance,  install and monitor applications, run operating system updates time to time, disaster recovery etc. That keeps you away from headaches and tension of taking care of your server.